Elections to the Seimas
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Voting Results

Voting Results in Single-member Constituencies
Voting Results in Multi-member Constituency
Candidates Who Were Elected to the Seimas
Turnout on the Election Day
Voter by Post Turnout
Results of Voting Abroad for Candidate Lists *
   and for Candidates in Naujamiescio * Single-Member Constituency
Statistics * About Members of Seimas

Electoral Constituencies, Districts, Candidates

Candidates in Single-member Constituencies
Candidate Lists by Parties, Political Organizations and Coalitions
, Homepages * of Parties and Political Organizations
Search for Candidates, Electoral Committees Members, Parties Representatives, Observers in these Elections
Statistics * About Candidates
Electoral Committees
Borders of Electoral Districts * (which addresses to which district belong)
Candidates' Preliminary Declarations of Electoral Campaign Income and Expenditure *
Agitational TV programs * - schedule, video records,
     radio programs * - schedule for single-member constituencies, audio records; schedule for candidate lists, audio records

The Legal Basis of the Elections

Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania *
Law on Elections to the Seimas *
Documents Adopted by Central Electoral Committee * (2000 06 20 - 2000 12 31)
Organizational Schedule of these Elections *
Some Examples of Documents Used in Elections * (ballot-papers etc.)