Parties, Political Organizations and Coalitions
Which Nominated Candidates

Note. If the first column is empty,
party or political organisation does not participate in elections with its own list -
it delegates candidates to coalition list or nominates them only in single-mandate Constituencies.

No. of the
by CEC
1.   Lithuanian National Union 
2.   Lithuanian Peasants' Party 
3.   Lithuanian Centre Union 
4.   Lithuanian Freedom Union 
5.   Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party 
6.   Homeland Union - Lithuanian Conservatives 
7.   The New Union (Social Liberals) 
8.   Lithuanian Liberal Union 
9.   A. Brazauskas Socialdemocratic Coalition 
10.   The Lithuanian "Social Democracy 2000" Party 
11.   Moderate Conservative Union 
12.   Christian Democratic Union 
13.   Lithuanian Poles’ Electoral Action 
14.   Lithuanian People's Union "For the Fair Lithuania" 
15.   "Young Lithuanias", New Nationalists and Political Prisoners Union  
   Lithuanian Democratic Labour Party 
   Lithuanian Democratic Party 
   Lithuanian Freedom League 
   Lithuanian Party of Justice 
   Lithuanian Social Democratic Party 
   Lithuanian Socialist Party 
   Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Deportees 
   Modern Christian Democratic Union 
   New Democracy Party 
   Republican Party 
   The Homeland People's Party 
   The National Democratic Party 
   The Union of the Russians of Lithuania