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As Article 9 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania says, the most significant issues concerning the life of the State and the People shall be decided by referendum.

Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Referendum about referendum principles

The citizens of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - citizens) or the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - Seimas) shall decide the importance of the proposed issue in the life of the State and the People in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and this Law. The citizens’ right of calling a referendum shall be conducted through the petition of 300 thousand citizens who are eligible. A group comprising at least one-fourth of the Seimas Members may submit to the Seimas a proposal to call a referendum. A decision on this proposal shall be adopted in accordance with the procedure set forth by the Seimas Statute.

Taking part in the referendum shall be free and based upon the democratic principles of the right of elections: universal, equal and direct suffrage and secret ballot. Citizens who have reached the age of 18 years shall have the right to participate in the referendum. The citizens’ right to take part in the referendum, can not be restricted due to one’s gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social situation, religion, convictions or views.

Referendum can be mandatory or consultative (deliberative). The Referendum for membership on accession of the Republic of Lithuania in European Union is mandatory referendum.

The resolution of the Seimas concerning the calling of the referendum

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