Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania '2012


Constituency: Dainavos (Nr.16)
Nominated by: Lithuanian Poles' Electoral Action
Atstovaujamojo politinės kampanijos dalyvio duomenys

Constituency: Multi-member
Nominated by: Lithuanian Poles' Electoral Action
Number in the list: 62

Voting results:
Multi-member constituency
Single-member constituency: I poll
  • Questionnaire
  • Biography
  • Property and Income declarations
  • Interests declaration
  • Other
  • Declaring person: ALEKSANDR FIODOROV

    Spouse, common-law spouse, partner of declaring person:
    Surname: FIODOROVA
    Workplace of spouse, common-law spouse, partner * (other workplaces are specified in annex ID001J): Data on Interests declaration is not taken in (to)
    Other workplaces, memberships, positions in enterprises, institutions, associations or founds, except membership in political parties or organizations, participating in legal entities, etc. (of declaring person and / or spouse)
    Person whose
    relation will be indicated
    State Relation with legal person Start date
    of relation
    End date
    of relation
    Entity‘s code Title of legal person Other data and circumstances,
    which may cause a conflict of interests
    Deklaruojantysis Lietuvos Respublika Savininkas ar/ ir bendraturtis 1995-02-07 122973357 ALEKSANDRO FIODOROVO PERSONALINĖ ĮMONĖ
    Deklaruojantysis Užsienio valstybė Akcininkas, dalininkas, narys ir kt. 2004-06-14 SWISS INVESTMENT HOUSE S.A. COMPANY