Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania '2012


Constituency: Kretingos (Nr.36)
Nominated by: Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
Savarankiško politinės kampanijos dalyvio duomenys

Constituency: Multi-member
Nominated by: Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
Number in the list: 83

Voting results:
Multi-member constituency
Single-member constituency: I poll
  • Questionnaire
  • Biography
  • Property and Income declarations
  • Interests declaration
  • Other
  • 5. Date of Birth 1976-08-16
    6. Address of permanent place of residence Vilnius
    8. Under the Article 38 (4) of the Law on Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania you have to answer these questions:
    8.1 Do you have an unserved term of the court-imposed sentence? No, I do not
    8.2 Are you an officer, non-commissioned officer or re-enlistee of the national defense system, police and the internal affairs service, who has not retired from service, as well as an officer of other military-type or security service, who is on the payroll? No, I am not
    8.3 Are you a citizen of any other state? No, I am not
    8.4 Are you under allegiance to a foreign state? No, I am not
    9. Under the Article 98 (1), (3) of the Law on Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania you have to specify:
    9.1 Were you deliberately collaborating with the special services of other states provided thereby carrying out the assignments not of the Republic of Lithuania? No, I was not
    9.2 Were you found guilty for committing a criminal act under the sentence of the court of the Republic of Lithuania, which became effective after 11 March 1990? No, I was not
    9.3 Were you found guilty under the effective court sentence for committing a minor or a major crime at any time? No, I was not
    10. Place of birth Klaipėda
    11. Nationality lietuvis

    12. Education:
    Education Name of Educational Establishment Profession Year of graduation
    Magistras Klaipėdos universitetas verslo vadyba 2000
    Bakalauras Klaipėdos universitetas ekonomika 1998

    If you have Academic degree, degree name, please indicate them Magistro kvalifikacijos laipsnis
    13. What foreign languages do you speak? anglų, rusų, ispanų
    14. What Political party or organization you belong (belonged) to? Tautos prisikėlimo partija, LSDP

    16. Main Employer, Position LR Seimas,LR Seimo narys, ekonomikos komiteto pirmininkas 17. Social activities Unspecified
    18. Hobbies naujų technologijų pritaikymas buityje, sportas (futbolas), kelionės, koncertai, teatras
    19. Marital status vedęs
    First Name (Surname) of husband or wife Daiva Tamošiūnaitė Budrė
    20. First Name (Surname) of family members Adelė