Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania '2012


Constituency: Plunges - Rietavo (Nr.35)
Nominated by: Party 'Order and Justice'
Atstovaujamojo politinės kampanijos dalyvio duomenys

Constituency: Multi-member
Nominated by: Party 'Order and Justice'
Number in the list: 35

  • Questionnaire
  • Biography
  • Property and Income declarations
  • Interests declaration
  • Other
  • Declaring person: ALBINAS KLIMAS

    Spouse, common-law spouse, partner of declaring person:
    Name: ELENA
    Surname: KLIMIENĖ
    Workplace of spouse, common-law spouse, partner * (other workplaces are specified in annex ID001J): PLUNGĖS SAULĖS GIMNAZIJA