Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania '2012

Pajurio electoral constituency

Number: 22 Address: Minijos g. 153, Klaipėda
Telephone: Fax:
E-mail: info@kmsc.lt    

Candidates in the constituency:

First name Surname Nominated by
Ala GUSEVA Lithuanian People's Party
Aras KAIKARIS Political Party 'Union YES'
Genoveita KRASAUSKIENĖ Labour Party
Vilma KVIETKAUSKIENĖ Democratic Labour and Unity Party
Daina LINGIENĖ Republican Party
Ernestas LUČAUSKAS Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union
Pranas NORVILAS Party 'Order and Justice'
Raimundas PALAITIS Liberal and Centre Union
Danas PALUCKAS Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
Julija PLIUTIENĖ Lithuanian Poles' Electoral Action
Nerijus STASIULIS Lithuanian Centre Party
Alina VELYKIENĖ Liberals Movement of the Republic of Lithuania
Tomas VILUCKAS Political Party 'The Way of Courage'
Pranas ŽEIMYS Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats