Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania ‘2004
Voter Lists   Information about delivering of voter certificates to the voters

Voter Certificate

A voter certificate shall be a document issued by an electoral committee specifying the polling district in the voter list whereof a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania is registered. Electoral committees shall hand in voter certificates signed by the chairman of an electoral committee. A voter himself may print his voter certificate in accordance with the data of the voter list of the Republic of Lithuania, received electronically according to the procedure established by the Central Electoral Committee. In this event, the voter himself shall sign his voter certificate. One cannot vote by post without this certificate.

A voter certificate shall contain:
  1. the voter’s first name and name;
  2. the voter’s birth date (year, month, day);
  3. the voter’s address;
  4. the name and number of the single-member constituency in which the voter shall vote;
  5. the name, number of the polling district in the list of voters whereof the name of the voter has been registered, as well as the address of the polling station;
  6. the number of the voter in the voter list of a polling district;
  7. the election day, the voting time at the polling station, the requirement to produce this certificate when voting by post, and other information relevant for the voter.

The delivery of voter certificates to voters shall be organised by the polling district committee. The delivery of voter certificates to voters must be finished at least 20 days before the election.