Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania ‘2004

Nomination of Candidates

As Article 2 of the Law on Elections to the Seimas says, any citizen of the Republic of Lithuania who is not under allegiance to a foreign state and is at least 25 years of age on the day of elections, and who permanently resides in Lithuania may stand for election as a member of the Seimas.

Candidates for the Seimas member may be nominated by:
  1. in single-member constituencies or the multi-member constituency - the party registered pursuant to the Law on Political Parties and Political Organisations no later than 65 days prior to the election,;
  2. in a single-member constituency - every citizen of the Republic of Lithuania who qualifies to be elected as a Seimas member, may nominate himself for the Seimas member, provided his candidature is supported by signatures of no less than 1,000 voters of that constituency.
70 Seimas members shall be elected in the multi-member constituency. In this constituency parties shall nominate their candidates by presenting a list of candidates in which candidates are recorded in the succession established by the party. Unless the statutes of a party provide otherwise, candidates in single-member constituency and the list of the candidates, recorded in succession, in the multi-member constituency must be approved at the congress or conference of the party. The list of candidates (joint list) must not include less than 25 and more than 141 candidates.

As Article 43 of the Law on Elections to the Seimas says, before the deadline for filing application documents several parties may join the lists of candidates nominated by them.

As Article 42 of the Law on Elections to the Seimas says, each candidate for a member of the Seimas may be entered in the list of candidates nominated by only one party in the multi-member constituency.
The person who is entered in a list of candidates in the multi-member constituency shall have the right to be at the same time nominated as a candidate for Seimas member in one single-member constituency as well.

With not less than 30 days prior to the election, the Central Electoral Committee shall publish in the Valstybės žinios (the Official Gazette) the lists of candidates of parties and coalitions which participate in the election, election numbers assigned to the lists of candidates by drawing lots, election numbers assigned to the candidates on the above lists as well as the candidates nominated in single-member constituencies.