Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania '2004
Last update - 10:32, 11.08.2004
Candidates in Single-Member Constituencies
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Dainavos (No. 16) constituency

    Number of voters: 33320     Adress: Partizanu g. 68, Kaunas     Phone: 8 37 312008     Fax: 8 37 311088


Name, surname* Nominated by
Virginijus DYRA Labour Party
Kestutis GLAVECKAS Liberal and Centre Union
Brone MARKEVICIENE Liberal Democratic Party
Angele RUDZIANSKAITE Union of Farmers' Party and New Democracy Party
Daiva SPILIAUSKIENE Self-nominated
Egidijus VAREIKIS Homeland Union (Conservatives, Political Prisoners and Deportees, Christian Democrats)
Birute VESAITE Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
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