Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania '2004
Last update - 10:32, 11.08.2004
Candidates in Single-Member Constituencies
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Zirmunu (No. 4) constituency

    Number of voters: 41445     Adress: Zirmunu 143, Vilnius     Phone: 8 5 2760471     Fax: 8 5 2760471


Name, surname* Nominated by
Vilija ALEKNAITE ABRAMIKIENE Homeland Union (Conservatives, Political Prisoners and Deportees, Christian Democrats)
Vytenis Povilas ANDRIUKAITIS Self-nominated
Vaclav BELSKIJ Lithuanian Polish People's Party
Algis CAPLIKAS Liberal and Centre Union
Tatjana JASINSKAJA Union of Farmers' Party and New Democracy Party
Marija JECIUVIENE The Union of the Russians of Lithuania
Algirdas MAKAUSKAS Liberal Democratic Party
Stasys PILIKAUSKAS Lithuanian Christian Democrats
Ausra RASKAUSKIENE Labour Party
Erika RIBASAUSKIENE Lithuanian Social Democratic Union
Saulius VAIKSNORAS National Party "Lithuania's Way"
Vladislav VOINIC Lithuanian Poles’ Electoral Action
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