Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania ‘2004
Voting by post   Voting at home

Voting on the polling day

Voting shall take place on the election day from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. in the place designated by the electoral committee of the polling district. The voter shall vote in the polling district in whose list of voters his name has been included, unless the Law provides otherwise.

Voter Identification

At the entrance to the polling station, a voter shall present his voter certificate, passport or other document certifying his identity and citizenship to an electoral committee member of the polling district. Upon having established that the voter has arrived at the polling district in whose list of voters his name has been included, the committee member shall hand the voter an arrival card indicating which the voter was to come to the polling station to vote and shall show the committee member to be applied to for a ballot. It shall not be allowed to hand several arrival cards to one voter or to hand in to a voter another voter’s arrival card. If upon arriving at the polling station, the person does not have the required documents or it is not clear whether he has been registered in the list of voters of this polling district, the committee member shall not hand the arrival card to this person, instead, the person shall handed a guest’s card and shall be referred to the committee chairman or deputy chairman to clarify his voting status.

The committee member who is tasked with handing ballot papers, having established on the basis of the produced documents that the person who arrived to vote is indeed the citizen who has been registered in the list of voters, or if two citizens of the Republic of Lithuania registered in the list of voters of that polling district testify to this fact in writing to the electoral committee chairman, shall find the name of the voter on the list of voters, and shall take the voter certificate and the arrival card from the person. After the voter and the committee member who hands ballot papers sign in the list of voters of the polling district, the voter shall be handed ballot papers - one for a single-member constituency and the other for the multi-member constituency. The voter certificate and arrival card shall not be returned to the voter. In voting by post, an entry shall be made on the voter certificate concerning the issue of a ballot paper, and the voter certificate shall be returned to the voter.

It shall be prohibited to hand the voter the ballot paper (ballot papers) of another person. The member of an electoral committee who violates this provision shall be liable under law.

Voting Procedure

Having been handed ballot papers, the voter shall go into the polling booth and mark the ballot papers. It shall be prohibited to mark ballot papers outside the polling booth.

On a ballot paper of a single-member constituency , the voter shall mark the name of the candidate for Seimas member whom he is voting for.

On a ballot paper of the multi-member constituency the voter shall mark the list of candidates whom he is voting for and, expressing his opinion about the candidates on the list, shall enter the election numbers of the 5 chosen candidates in the designated spaces of the ballot paper. In this way preference votes are given for the candidates. If the election number of one and the same candidate is entered two or more times on the ballot paper, only one preference vote from the ballot paper shall be considered for the candidate. Where the marks on the ballot paper make it impossible to determine the voter’s preferences regarding the election numbers of one or more candidates, it shall be considered that the voter has not expressed his preferences regarding the candidates.

he voter shall personally cast his marked ballot papers into the ballot box.

Upon the request of the voter, spoiled ballot papers shall be exchanged for new ones. A spoiled ballot paper shall be crossed and signed by a member of the electoral committee who shall then hand a new ballot paper. Spoiled ballot papers shall be kept separately.

The voter who, because of his physical disability, is unable to mark his ballot papers and cast them into the ballot box himself, may invite another person (with the exception of the chairman of the electoral committee or its member, or an election observer) to carry out these actions for him. A voter who has no physical disabilities precluding him from marking the ballot papers must vote personally.