Elections to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania ‘2004
Voting on the polling day   Voting at home

Voting by post

Citizens who due to their health condition or other reasons are not able to come to the polling station on the election day shall be provided with a possibility to participate in elections by voting by post. Voting by post shall be possible at post offices during their business hours beginning 5 days before the election and ending 1 day prior to the election, provided the voter is put on the voter list of the constituency which is situated that city, region, and ending 2 days prior to the election, provided the voter is not put on the voter list of the constituency which is not situated in that city, region. Expenses related to voting by post shall be covered from the funds of the State Budget.

Post offices must provide a room (place) where the voter can, without interference and in secrecy, mark the ballot papers and put them into a voucher envelope. Voting may be observed by the observers of parties and political organisations, who have certificates permitting to observe voting in any polling district.

The postal worker shall issue election documents to a voter in accordance with the procedure established by the Central Electoral Committee. Together with ballot papers, voters shall be given envelopes for voting by post. An outer envelope for voting by post shall be addressed by the postal worker to the polling district committee which is indicated in the voter certificate of the person.

Voting in secrecy, the voter shall:
  • mark the ballot papers;
  • put the marked ballot papers into the voucher envelope;
  • seal the voucher envelope;
  • put the voucher envelope into the outer envelope together with the voter certificate;
  • seal the outer envelope.

  • The sealed outer envelope (with the voter certificate, voucher envelope and ballot papers in it) the voter may hand to a postal workeror put into a post-box.

    It shall be prohibited to accept from the voter an outer envelope which is not sealed.