Elections to the European Parliament, 13 June 2004
The Republic of Lithuania will join the European Union on 1 May 2004.
The European Parliament elections will take place in all EU Member States on 10-13 June 2004.
Lithuania will hold its elections to the European Parliament on 13 June 2004.

The total number of the Member of the European Parliament to be elected is 732.
The number of the Members of the European Parliament, elected in the Republic of Lithuania, is determined in the Act concerning the Conditions of Accession of the Republic of Lithuania of the Treaty concerning the Accession of the Republic of Lithuania to the European Union. Lithuania is to elect 13 Members of the European Parliament in 2004.

Members of the European Parliament shall be elected on the basis of the proportional representation system, by preferential voting, for a term of five years in one multi-member constituency, comprising the entire territory of Lithuania.

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