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Formation of Constituencies and Polling Districts

For the organisation and conduct of elections, the territory of the Republic of Lithuania shall be divided into 71 single-member constituencies, taking into consideration the number of inhabitants in the constituency, the division of the territory of the Republic of Lithuania into single-member constituencies during previous elections to the Seimas, and the administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Lithuania. A constituency shall be formed from polling districts which have common boundaries. The number of voters in constituencies must be from 0.8 to 1.2 of the average number of voters in all single-member constituencies.

With a view of making it more convenient for a voter to reach a polling station and with account of the number of voters, the territories of cities and regions shall be divided into polling districts. No more than 5, 000 voters must reside within the territory of a polling district. The division of the territory of a town or region into polling districts is permanent during elections and referenda. The boundaries of a polling district shall be changed, where necessary, but no later than 100 days prior to the election.

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