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Registration of Voters

All of the citizens who are eligible shall be included in the Republic of Lithuania Voter List and in the Population Register of Republic of Lithuania, according to the information of a document certifying citizenship (passport or personal identification card). No one may be entered on the voter lists several times.
The Central Electoral Committee shall organise the compilation, updating and administration of voter lists, relying upon the information provided by the State, municipal institutions and the city and regional referendum committees.

The polling district referendum committee shall organise the delivery of voter certificates to the voters. The delivery of voter certificates to voters must be finished at least 20 days before voting in the referendum.

At least 7 days in advance of the referendum vote, updated preliminary voter lists, recognised in the manner established by the Central Electoral Committee, shall be approved as final voter lists. Changes in final voter lists may be made only subject to the consent of the Central Electoral Committee.

Central Electoral Committee
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