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Establishment of Referendum Results

As Article 7 of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Referendum says, a mandatory referendum shall be deemed having taken place, if over one half of the citizens, having the right to vote and having been registered in voter lists, have taken part in it.

The decision regarding participation by the Republic of Lithuania in international organisations, should this participation be linked with the partial transfer of the scope of competence of Government bodies to the institutions of international organisations or the jurisdiction thereof, shall be deemed adopted if it has been approved by more than one half of the voters who have participated in the referendum.

As Article 73 of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Referendum says, final referendum results may be officially published in the “State Gazette,” by the Central Electoral Committee, no later than within 4 days of the referendum vote.

The Central Electoral Committee shall present to the President of the Republic the text of the resolution adopted by referendum no later than the next day following the official publication of the final referendum results.

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