Central Electoral Committee

The Central Electoral Committee, contacts

      The Central Electoral Committee is a permanent supreme state institution for organising and conducting elections and referendums, provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.
      The Law On The Central Electoral Committee establishes the legal status, tasks, powers, principles of activities of the Central Electoral Committee of the Republic of Lithuania as well as the procedure of its establishment, work organisation and financing.

The Central Electoral Committee was composed by decision No. IX-1103 of the Seimas on September 26th, 2002

The Central Electoral Committee

Name Position Nominated by Telephone number E-mail
Zenonas Vaigauskas Chairman Seimas Chairman +370 5 2396961 ZeVaig@lrs.lt
Viktoras Rinkevicius Deputy Chairman Minister of Justice    
Elina Kolysko Deputy Secretary Minister of Justice   elinahome@hotmail.com
Vaidotas Bacevicius Member Homeland Union - Lithuanian Conservatives   vabace@lrs.lt
Rysardas Burda Member Lithuanian Bar Association   rburda@ltu.lt
Sigitas Groblys Member Lithuanian Liberal Union   sigitas.globys@kpmg.lt
Edvardas Gruzas Member Lithuanian Bar Association   egruzas@urm.lt
Saulius Katuoka Member Lithuanian Bar Association   tek@ltu.lt
Deivis Valiulis Member The New Union (Social Liberals)   devali@lrs.lt
Stasys Vansevicius Member Minister of Justice    
Zivile Verbylaite Member A. Brazauskas Socialdemocratic Coalition   zivile@ltu.lt
Secretariat of the Central Electoral Committee
Name Position Telephone number E-mail
Financial department
Irma Stirblienė Head of department +370 5 2396966 irstir@lrs.lt
Genė Svogzliene Senior specialist +370 5 2396965 gesvog@lrs.lt
Department of elections organization
Nijole Zemaitiene Head of department +370 5 2396969 nizema@lrs.lt
Jurga Augustaityte Senior specialist +370 5 2396963 juaugu@lrs.lt
Roma Rimaviciute Senior specialist +370 5 2396967 rorima@lrs.lt
Vytautas Vitkauskas Senior specialist +370 5 2396968 vyvitk@lrs.lt

fax number +370 5 2396960  

Other organisations
Jurgis Bridzius Electoral committees, observers, candidates, elections results data processing +370 5 2396102 jubrid@lrs.lt
Angonita Rupsyte Voting in foreign countries, ships +370 52396119 anrups@lrs.lt
Olga Trofimova Electoral areas boundaries, voter lists compiling processing +370 5 2364934 ot@mail.std.lt

Central Electoral Committee
The data presented herein is taken from the database of the Central Electoral Committee.
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