The Call Service 1855 - Information for Voter

The Central Electoral Commission invites to use Call Service 1855, which provides voters with information about the Elections to Municipal Councils. Information service started to work on 4th February, 2015 and will continue to provide information until the 15th March, 2015.  Information service is available every day, from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

For calls to the hotline 1855 you can use these operators: "Bitė", "Omnitel", "Tele2" and "TEO". The Phone Call rates are these – as to call to your network according to the rate plan.

1855 provides this information:

·         Is the voter entered into electoral roll;

·         In which polling district the voter should vote;

·         Where and when shall the voter cast a vote if he/she is not at the place on the voting day;

·         How to vote if the voter is ill and is not able to go the polling station on the voting day;

·         How to contact with the committee of the electoral constituency or the polling district, to find out their address, business hours.

The Service Conditions

If a voter needs to specify information about his/her entrance on the electoral roll, the voter will be asked to notify his/her personal code, first name and surname. Only after this condition is met, the voter will be informed about his/her polling district, the number of poll card, etc. Information is provided under the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data, therefore the proclamation of voter‘s personal address is restricted. Only the voter himself/herself might notify the address, when he/she wants to find out if he/she is really entered on the electoral roll using the correct address of residence, etc.

Registration of complaints

By using Call Service 1855, voters may report violations of Election laws. Voters may also report that he/she has not received a poll card at the voter's declared place of residence. All the complaints are forwarded to the corresponding municipal electoral commission. A complainant must introduce himself/herself to the operator in order to register the complaint; otherwise complains will not be examined.