Monitoring of Political Advertising – a Map of Advertising

Monitoring of political advertising – collection, accumulation, analysis and evaluation of data about the funding of political parties, political campaigns and their participants, the funding and dissemination of election (referendum) campaigning and political advertising during the period of political campaigns.

Dissemination of political advertising is regulated by the Electoral Laws and Republic of Lithuania Law on Funding of, and Control over Funding of, Political Campaigns.

Political advertising – information disseminated by a state politician, political party, its member, political campaign participant, on behalf and/or in the interest thereof, in any form and through any means, for payment or without return consideration, during the political campaign period or between political campaigns, where such information is intended to influence the motivation of voters when voting at elections or referendums, or where it is disseminated with the purpose of campaigning for a state politician, political party, its member or political campaign participant as well as their ideas, objectives or a programme.

Information notices of usual character disseminated free of charge during the political campaign period about activities of state politicians, political parties, candidates, as well as information which does not incite non-participation in a referendum, voting for or against the adoption of a decision submitted for the referendum, shall not be regarded as political advertising.

During the period of a political campaign, political advertising must be marked in accordance with the procedure laid down by the law by indicating the source of funding and visibly separated from other disseminated information.

Political advertising which is not marked during the political campaign period pursuant to the requirements set out by legal acts or marked not in compliance with legal acts shall be regarded as surreptitious political advertising and shall be prohibited.

It shall be prohibited to disseminate political advertising:

  • on the front page of a periodical;
  • if the dissemination of such advertising is in violation of the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Lithuania.