Political parties finance

Political parties funding and control over funding are regulated by Republic of Lithuania Law on Political Parties 

Sources of founding of political parties:

1. Membership fees of the political party;

2. State budget appropriations;

3. Funds received by the political party from its other activities referred to in Article 17 of this Law;

4. Loans received by the political party from banks registered  in the Republic of Lithuania or another European Union Member State or branches of banks registered in the European Economic Area and operating in the Republic of Lithuania;

5. Interest on the funds kept in the bank account;

6. An amount equal to one per cent of the annual income tax paid by a Lithuanian resident who voluntarily allocates the said amount for the political campaign;

7. Donations for funding a campaign of the political party made by individuals having the right to donate, received by the political party during its political campaign.

* - in Article 17 of this Law referred that Political parties shall enjoy the right to engage in publishing, distribution of printed matter and party symbols, management, use and disposal of the property belonging by the right of ownership, organisation of political and cultural events (lectures, exhibitions, etc.) and other activities; money received from such activities may be used only to pursue the purposes of the political party as specified in the statute of the political party.