The Central Electoral Commission Starts a "Transparent Elections" Project

The Central Electoral Commission Starts a

The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania (CEC) is starting to implement the project "Transparent Elections" with the code No. 10.1.2-ESFA-V-916-01-0017 submitted in 20142020 in order to improve public access to information about the elections. Measure 10.1.2-ESFA-V-916 "Implementation of National Anti-Corruption Measures" Measure 10.1.2-ESFA-V-916 of the Operational Program for Investments of the European Union Funds.

After the implementation of the project, the CEC will have the opportunity to use modern means to conduct training for all participants of the electoral process, the public will have access to more extensive open data, centralised and more convenient control of complaints and reports, examination, decision making and accounting.