Poll cards issued almost to the 92 000 voters UPDATED 2015 02 13

Until the elections to the municipal councils left less than three weeks, 119 voters were added to the electoral rolls of polling districts and almost 92 thousands of voters got the poll cards

Poll cards issued almost to the 92 000 voters UPDATED 2015 02 13

723 voters addressed the polling district electoral committees and filled in F5 form - application form to enroll to the electoral roll of a polling district, in order to vote in residence territory. 119 voters were added to the electoral rolls from the list of the voters who were not declare their residence, but whose last residence was known.

Alytus (317) and Šaličininkai (158) districts voters were most active in taking care to handle necessary formalities, which will allow without any problems to participate in the municipal councils elections. Other may do it until 21 February, 4 p.m. when will be finished to specify and started to print final electoral rolls, which will be used on the day of the elections. Belated voters will stay in the polling districts, in which their residence is declared..

Voters who did not declare their residence or voters who are enrolled in the records as having no permanent residence should be in the hurry. This is relevant as well for those voters, who live in other municipality, than they are declared their residence, or who declared that they went abroad. Whether voter is enrolled to the electoral roll, voter may use Call Service 1855 or find the information in the CEC webpage.

Poll cards are delivered to the voters. According CEC data, until 13 February, 8 a.m. 91 576 voters got poll cards. 7 323 poll cards were not delivered (the main reason – voters do not live in their declared residence).

All voters were visited by the 17 district electoral committees members. Poll cards were not delivered to the 390 voters, who do not live in their declared residence, it is 6,6% from all 5 524 voters, from above mentioned  17 districts.