European Citizens Initiatives

From 1 April 2012, European citizens enjoy a new right which gives them a stronger voice: the European citizens' initiative (ECI). 

ECI gives citizens the right to directly participate in setting the legislative agenda of the EU. Once a policy proposal is supported by the verified signatures of one million EU citizens, the European Commission is obliged to consider that proposal.

In the Republic of Lithuania, the competent European Union citizens' initiative coordinating authority designated by law are the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). From 31 March 2012 the CEC are responsible for the verification and certification of statements of support.

1. The European Citizens' Initiative web page and Guide.

2. European Union legislative framework for the European citizens' initiative:

3. The Lithuanian legislation governing the European citizens' initiative:

4.    Documents of the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania, which regulate the European Citizens' Initiative, can be found here:


5. European Citizens' Initiatives registered in the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania 

6. The European Citizens' Initiative Registration Form

Competent national authorities that certify statements of support

Competent national authorities that certify online collection systems