Funding of political campaigns, control over it, political advertising is regulated by Law on Funding of, and Control Over Funding of  Political Campaigns.

Sources of funding of political campaigns:

  1. funds received by the political party;
  2. own (personal) funds of a candidate;
  3. donations of natural persons;
  4. interest on the funds kept in the bank account;
  5. interest on the funds for the political campaign account.

Political campaign financing from other resources is prohibited.

Political campaign financing funds (and private too) must be regarded as a political campaign account.

Donations shall mean cash, movables or immovable, information, property rights, results of intellectual activities, and other material and non-material values transferred to beneficiaries without return consideration, actions and voluntary works carried out free of charge as well as results of such actions intended for funding a political campaign of an independent political campaign participant.

Who can donate?

Only citizens of Lithuania or citizens and residents of the Republic of Lithuania may

To finance the political campaign participants through third parties is prohibited.

During a political campaign, public information producers or disseminators may disseminate political advertising only at the rates and under the conditions which are equal to all political campaign participants and which are submitted to the Central Electoral Commission.

How you can donate?

During a political campaign, a natural person may donate for each political campaign participant up to 10 average monthly earnings. In 2017 it is 8 230 Eur.

During a year, the total amount of donations by one natural person for all campaign participants may not exceed 10 % of the annual income declared by the natural person for the previous calendar year.

Candidates may donate to his own political campaign up to 20 average monthly earnings or 16 460 Eur.

Is it necessary to publicize donations? 

Every donations must be made public.

Donors are allowed to make only small donations without the declaration of their assets and income. The donations are considered as small if one person donates up to 12 euro per participant during all political campaign. If he donates several times we count total amount of all donations.

Not later than within 10 days from the day of receipt of a donation the political campaign treasurer shall announce the name, surname of a donor-natural person on the public list of donors placed on the website of the Central Electoral Commission.

Who can accept donations?

Registered independent political campaign participants shall enjoy the right to accept donations.