2019 m. kovo 3 d. savivaldybių tarybų rinkimai

Voter turnout in postal voting

1. Information for Voters

2. Legal Base

3. Schedule   

4. Training materials

5. Nomination of Candidates

5.1 Registered public electoral committees

5.2. Documents for public election committees registration

5.3.  Registration of participants of the political campaign

5.4. Political campaign participants

5.5.  Electronicaly support of Candidates

6. Candidates to municipal councilor - mayor

           6.1. Candidates Elections programmes publications 

7. Electronic services

8. Funding of political campaign

8.1. Donations

8.2. Expenditure and accounting 

8.3. Giudelines for treasurer how to fill political campaign funding statement 

8.4. Information "First steps for political campaign treasurer" 

8.5. CEC decisionson funding of political campaign 

8.6. Report of funding of political campaign 

9. Political advertising 

9.1. Valuation and Conditions of political advertising 

9.2. CEC decisions on dissemination of political advertising 

9.3. Public information organizers and spreaders declarations 

9.4. Political advertising observation data report 

9.5. VRK CEC decisions on information recognition of political advertising 

10. Constituencies and Polling Districts (Members of the Commission, Election Observers, Representatives of Elections) - not available

11. Transportation scedules and routes of voters

12. CEC information about agitation, agitation broadcasting