2019 m. gegužės 26 d. rinkimai į Europos Parlamentą

1. Information for voters 

2. Legal base 

3. Schedule , 

4. Training material

5. Nomination of candidates 

5.1. Registered public election committees

5.2. Registration of public election committees; necessary documents 

5.3. Registration of participants of a political campaign; necessary documents

5.4. Participants of a political campaign

5.5. A list of documents

5.6. The obligation of candidates to report if they have been convicted of an offense by a valid court judgement 

5.7. Electronic support of a list of candidates or a candidate 

6. Candidates, lists of candidates 

6.1. Informing voters about the links between national parties and European political parties

7. Funding of a political campaign 

7.1. Donations 

7.2. Expenditure and accounting

7.3. Guidelines for a treasurer on how to fill in a political campaign funding report 

7.4. CEC decisions on funding of a political campaign 

7.5. Statistical data on funding of a political campaign 

7.6. Reports of funding of a political campaign

8. Political advertising 

8.1. Fees and conditions of a political advertising 

8.2. Submission of documents to the CEC

8.3. CEC decisions on dissemination of political advertising 

8.4. Declarations of public information organisers and spreaders 

8.5. Data reports on observation of political advertising 

8.6. CEC decisions on recognition of information as political advertising 

8.7. Summarised data on observation 

9. Constituencies and polling districts (members of the committees, election observers, representatives of the elections) - not available

9.1. Constituencies and polling districts 

10. Information for the organisers of the elections

10.1. Information for the committee 

10.2. A Book of an Organiser of the Elections

11. For the press

11.1. Information for publicity 

11.2. Schedule of the press conferences 

12. CEC information about agitation, agitation broadcasting