The new Elections to the Seimas in single-member Zanavykų constituency No. 64, held on 16 September 2018

1. Information for voters

2. Legal base

3. Timetables,

4. Nomination of Candidates

            4.1. Registration of political campaign participants; documents

4.2Political campaign participants

4.3. Aplication documents

4.4. Electronic support of Candidates

5. List of Candidates

6. Electronic service

7. Funding of political campaign

7.1. Donations

7.2. Expenditure and accounting

7.3. Guidelines for treasurer how to fill political campaign fundig statement

7.4. Information "First Steps of political campaign treasurer" 

7.5. CEC decisions about donations of political campaign

7.6. Presentation of data and documents for CEC

8. Political advertising

8.1. Valuation and Conditions of political advertising

8.2. CEC decisions on dissemination of political advertising

8.3. CEC decisions on information recognition of political advertising

9. Constituency Electoral Commitee - not available

10. Constituencies and polling districts

10.1. Elections teritories

11. Information for Election organizers

12. CEC information publications and editions

13. Tranportation scedules and routes of voters