The new Elections to the municipal concillors - mayors in Jonavos and Šakių districts municipalities, held on 23 April 2017


Information will be available soon.

1.  Information for Voters

2. Legal Base:

·         Republic of Lithuania Law on Elections to the Municipal Councils

·         CEC decision about new elections to municipal coucillors – mayors in Jonavos and Šakių districts municipalities

3. Schedule

4. Nomination of Candidates

4.1. Documents for public election committees registration

4.2. Registration of political campaign participants

4.3. Political campaign participants

4.5. Aplication documents list

4.6. Electronically support of Candidates or list of candidates

4.7. Candidates to municipal councillors – mayors

4.8. Incompatible duties

5. List of Candidates

6. Electronic services

7. Funding of political campaign

7.1. Donations

7.2. Expenditure and accounting

7.3. Guidelines for treasurer how to fill political campaign funding statement

7.4. CEC decisions on funding of political campaign

7.5. Report of funding of political campaign

8. Political advertising

8.1. Valuation and Conditions of political advertising

8.2. CEC decisions on dissemination of political advertising

8.3. CEC opinion about  political advertising unrequited marcing on social networks

8.4 Public information organizers and spreaders declarations

8.5. Data reports of monitoring of political advertising

8.6. CEC decisions on information recognition of political advertising

9. Declaration of insignificant items

9.1. Declaration procedure of insignificant items

9.2. The declarations

10. Constituency electoral commitee - not available

             10.1. Constituencies and polling districts

11. Election representatives - not available

12. Electoral observers - not available

13. Election organizers

13.1. Information for Commission

13.2. Election organizer book

13.3. Number of signatures of the voters