CEC representatives observed Parliamentary Elections in Armenia

Parliamentary elections were held in Armenia on 2 April 2017. They were the first elections after a constitutional referendum in 2015 that approved reforms for the country to become a parliamentary republic.

CEC representatives observed Parliamentary Elections in Armenia

2.56 million people have been registered as eligible to vote, with no voter turn-out set by Armenian election law. About 900 Armenians living outside the country, including diplomats and the military, cast their online ballots last week, with their votes to be added to the count after the election ends at 4:00 pm GMT Sunday.

Five parties and four blocks with some 1,500 deputy candidates are contesting the poll. The electoral threshold for the parties is five percent of the votes, while blocs require at least seven percent to secure representation in the parliament.

No limit for parliament seats is set by Armenian law, which only states that the minimum of 101 deputies is required, with a stable parliamentary majority of 54 percent to be necessarily formed. If, following the elections, such majority is not formed, a second round will be held between the two parties which received most votes in the first round.

Armenia's Central Election Commission on Monday released the official results of Sunday's Parliamentary Elections, which drew 60.8 percent of Armenia's eligible voters to the polls in the first election since a new constitution was adopted in 2015.

The ruling Republican Party of Armenia received 770,718 (49.15 percent) of the votes. The "Tsarukian" Alliance, led by businessman and former parliament member Gagik Tsarukian garnered 428,892 (27.35 percent) votes, while the "Yelk" Alliance led by parliament member Nigol Pashinyan walked away with 121,997 (7.78 percent) of the votes. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation will remain in parliament. The party received 103,148 (6.58 percent) of the votes.

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