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FOR PARTICIPANTS OF AN ELECTIONS (candidates, delegates, political parties treasurers, public information treasurers and disseminators)
Party structure administration. Member fee register.  User guide

For members of political campaign
PC finansing register guide

For public information treasurers and disseminators
User guide


FOR ELECTIONS ORGANIZERS (members of the electoral committees of poling districts and constituencies and embasies)

For chairman of  district
"Wage, table, estimate" subsystem user giude

CEC IS subsystem "VOTERS" (till election day) User guide (version 07/10/2015)
CEC IS subsystem "VOTERS" (election day)  User guide

Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania "Corruption threat  in election commissions work" 

For constituencies accountants
Training for constituencies accountant
Generalization of training for constituencies accountant

For members of the electoral committees of poling districts and constituencies
Training about Voters lists
CEC IS service "Early voting. Voting by post" instruction
Training "Early voting. Voting by post"
External political advertising: claims and responsibility
Bookmarking of arrived to vote (election day) NEW
Monitoring: election day NEW

E. service Election Day Guide "Vedlys":
Memory list
User guide
Training video