Electronic services

How to become a user of the system?

There is no pre-registration, except in those cases when responsible person (political party chairman) for extended of the documents authorizes another person to submit and confirm documents for the CEC.


How to join the Voter page?

Connecting to Rinkėjo puslapis will require user authentication. Possible options are: using e. banking system, ID, electronic and mobile signature on E-Government Gateway portal.


How to use a Voter page?

When you are connected to Rinkėjo puslapis You need to:

a) indicate your e. mail address, where you can find information about your documents examination process;

b) to make the acquaintance of conditions of data provision.

* * *


E. services in the portal RINKĖJO PUSLAPIS adress: https://www.rinkejopuslapis.lt (for all voters)


FOR PARTICIPANTS OF AN ELECTIONS (candidates, delegates, political parties treasurers, public information treasurers and disseminators)

E. services in the portal  RINKĖJO PUSLAPIS (for registered users). After connecting, make sure that you are working by the rights of the participant of election. 


FOR ELECTIONS ORGANIZERS (members of the electoral committees of poling districts and constituencies and embasies)

E. services in the portal RINKĖJO PUSLAPIS adress https://org.rinkejopuslapis.lt (for registered users)


If you have any questions you can contact by e. mail info@vrk.lt  or by Tel. 8 5 239 6976.

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