The Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) has been promoting the institutionalization and professionalization of democratic procedures in the regions, as a non-profit, regional organization, which is independent of political parties and governments with a legal standing based on international law.

In 1991, senior election officials, government and civic education leaders, and academics gathered in Budapest, Hungary, for the Central European Electoral Systems Symposium. This historic meeting led to the founding of the Associaton of Central and Eastern European Election Officials.

The ACEEEO has met nearly every year since its inception to address current theoretical and practical issues related to elections in the region.

Annual conferences focus on a wide variety of themes including transparency of elections, media & elections, electoral technology, campaign finance reform, citizens' participation in the process. These meetings are important for election professionals who are faced with managing, administering, and mediating electoral events in challenging circumstances.

In past years, we expanded our programming to better support our own members as well as others in the region facing similar issues. We now employ more than two decades of experience to conduct targeted professional development seminars and training, organize election observation missions, and collect election-related materials. We also maintain a Documentation Centre with information on election law and administration, voter education, election results, and other useful topics.

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